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2020 Market Trends

See the latest environmental news stories relating to PFAS chemicals, auto lawsuits, changes in environmental regulation, and more.

In this issue, our contributors have discussed a number of areas that are trending in the environmental insurance marketplace this year. Some of these include: PFAS chemicals, challenges with auto risks, changes in environmental regulation, and a rise in lawsuits resulting from pollution releases. 

Check out some recent news stories relating to these issues:

Treasure Island Residents File Class Action Suit Seeking $2 Billion in Damages

A few industries drive commercial insurance rates higher for everyone

State files lawsuit against companies who allegedly allowed toxic PFAS chemicals in water

Manufacturer settles Gulf Coast pollution lawsuit for $50M 

2019 was a bad year for trucking company closures — and the affordability of insurance is partly to blame

Judge cuts $2 billion award for couple with cancer to $86.7 million in Roundup lawsuit

Environmental Group Warns ‘Forever Chemicals’ Widespread in U.S. Drinking Water 

State of Michigan sues 17 companies over PFAS contamination

Billion-dollar lawsuits: Will non-stick chemicals finally stick on 3M? 

Rise in truck crashes, large payouts, expected to boost insurance renewal rates this year

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