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From the President

A Note From Beacon Hill's President, Bill Pritchard

Welcome to the first edition of The Summit for 2021. We enter this new year faced with a range of challenges unlike any faced in the past. While we all work to keep our communities healthy and safe, I am constantly amazed by the resilience of my coworkers and our clients. People are embracing change and new ways to do things at a scale I never would have imagined possible. People are juggling online school at the kitchen table with client Zoom meetings in the guest bedroom without missing a beat. We are all finding ways to connect and stay positive, and our businesses are seeing the results of that.

On the environmental and energy fronts there is much to be thankful for, and much to watch out for. In this issue of The Summit, we’ll look at infectious diseases, unregulated contaminants of concern, social inflation, climate change, and much more. These topics continue to be on our radar as we try to navigate and embrace changes in the insurance world.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read our magazine and please share your feedback. We look forward to a great 2021 with you and your associates. 

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