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From the President

A Note From Beacon Hill's President, Bill Pritchard

Welcome to the Summer 2021 edition of The Summit. We are excited to be bringing this issue to you at a time of such optimism as we start to see the end of the pandemic in sight. I could not be prouder of my associates at Beacon Hill, and of how everyone has pulled together to get us through an unprecedented time. 

As we see the economy roar to life, it seems to be a perfect time to discuss the environmental issues associated with waste disposal risks. Whether we are examining recyclers, commercial construction debris haulers, landfills, or businesses disposing of their own waste, the environmental risk for these insureds has grown significantly. Businesses are starting to expand to fill the gaps created by the pandemic downturn and being sensitive to these exposures is very important.

We hope you enjoy this issue, and have a wonderful summer.

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