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Market Trends:Waste Disposal

See the latest claims news on disposal facilities, recycling centers, and more

From waste haulers to landfills, Beacon Hill has successfully written a number of waste-related accounts over the years. Our country generates a lot of waste, and regardless of where it’s coming from, it must be handled, transported, and disposed of according to strict guidelines.

The claims and lawsuits relating to waste keep coming---landfill runoff, construction debris, fires at recycling plants, and battery concerns at e-recycling facilities---and businesses understand how important pollution coverage is to addressing these exposures. Check out some recent news stories relating to these developing concerns.

West Milford claims organic recycling business contaminated public soil, asks NJ to intervene

Here's why permit could be suspended for Blackhorn waste disposal facility in Orange Grove

Massive recycling yard fire in West Phoenix triggers 'largest response' in fire department's history

Project Monitor and Abatement Supervisor Plead Guilty To Conspiring to Violate Asbestos Regulations

Trillions of pounds of trash: New technology tries to solve an old garbage problem 

 Crews extinguish fire at Northern Metal Recycling plant in Minneapolis

Fire sparks in Saratoga Springs landfill, people shelter in place

Maryland sues waste management company for $2.1M over Magothy River pollution

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency declares war on ‘forever chemicals’; some landfills in this area contaminated

Stormwater/Wastewater Enforcement at Landfills: Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment

Wakefield Oil Tank Removal Company Settles Allegations of Hazardous Waste Violations and Illegal Asbestos Removal

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