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Team Spotlight

Tim Morgan

Learn a little bit about Tim Morgan, Beacon Hill's Senior Account Executive and Rocky Mountain Regional Manager

Please tell us about your family, interests, and hobbies.

I enjoy spending time outdoors with my wife and two sons. We like to take the boys skiing, hiking, and camping. I also enjoy endurance racing and competing in trail running and mountain bike races.

What is your professional background and how it has led you to working in environmental insurance?

I began my insurance career working with an MGA that focused exclusively on commercial outdoor recreation insurance: hunting, fishing, rafting guides, guest ranches, lodges, and resorts. This was a great fit given my passion for outdoor activities and my previous experience working on a guest ranch. I developed an interest in niche insurance programs early in my career which eventually led me to environmental insurance.

Tim Morgan, competing in a ski mountaineering race in March 2015

What is the most important lesson you have learned in your career?

Education and continuous improvement are central concepts for me professionally. I try to stay current on issues relating to the environmental insurance market and the broader insurance industry. I am curious by nature and try to learn as much as possible so I can speak intelligently to clients and colleagues regarding coverage and the market. I've also learned the importance of setting and tracking measurable goals to make sure I’m taking steps daily to achieve results and keep moving forward.

If you had to choose one word to describe the most important motivator to being a leader in your career, what would it be and why? What are you doing specifically at Beacon Hill to help you achieve this?

Community. Mentoring has been a huge motivator for me in terms of leadership. I owe a great deal to mentors that have helped me throughout my career and I try to pay that back by helping others succeed and achieve their goals. I serve as a mentor to a local high school student through my involvement with Denver Urban Scholars and on a professional level I try to collaborate, network, and share knowledge to help others succeed in their roles.