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A Note From Beacon Hill's President, Bill Pritchard

Bill Pritchard, President & CEO
Beacon Hill Associates, Inc.

I am very excited to introduce the inaugural issue of The Summit, a magazine devoted to the environmental and energy insurance industries. We decided to create this publication after searching for quite some time for resources about our area of expertise. We wanted real information about exposures and coverages, new approaches and solutions, and where the market is going and what’s driving it. What we found were sales materials that had been repurposed as marketplace information.

After discussing this internally, we realized we are in a great position to provide the very material we couldn’t find elsewhere. With twenty-five years specializing in environmental coverage and over ten working in the energy space, we feel we are well positioned to put together this information to share with our agent partners. With carrier relationships going back decades, we have access to a unique and vibrant pool of information and insights to help us with the task of bringing you different perspectives on timely topics in our industry. And thus, The Summit was born.

Our goal with this publication is to bring our readers substantive information about the issues that are driving our business. We want that information to help them make more informed decisions and better position their businesses for long-term success. As our marketplace evolves, the opportunities for agents grow, but so do the dangers. We hope that by sharing what we see happening, we can help our readers be better prepared to navigate the ever-changing landscape, finding success through being informed.

Our first issue will focus on an overview of what is happening in our marketplace, and where we think it is heading. We’ll look at this from a number of perspectives, both company and broker based. Our “What to Watch” segment contains great information on upcoming EPA changes.

Future issues will look at environmental and energy issues relating to construction, transportation, habitational, and other industries. We’ll look at growing areas of our economy with a particular environmental or energy impact. Recycling facilities, gas pipelines, apartment construction, etc. all have unique and important coverage issues we’ll take a look at. With each issue we will strive to bring a unique and helpful viewpoint to the environmental and energy space.

As with everything we do at Beacon Hill, we would appreciate your feedback. Likes, dislikes, and topics you’d like to see in future issues are all requested and appreciated.

For now, please enjoy our first issue, and thank you for reading The Summit.


Bill Pritchard

President & CEO, Beacon Hill Associates, Inc.

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