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Market Trends: Communicable Diseases

See the latest news stories on communicable diseases, environmental exposures relating to the pandemic, and more

Whether it’s a COVID-19 outbreak at a nursing facility, people contracting MRSA in a spa locker room, or virus contraction concerns in a college dorm, agents and their insureds are facing many questions about what is – and isn’t – covered in their insurance policies. See the latest environmental news stories relating communicable diseases, environmental exposures, and pollution coverage.

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Environmental Consultants Urge Organizations to Hire Properly Trained Professionals for COVID-19 Remediation and Decontamination Services

Nearly 1,000 hepatitis A cases documented in ongoing La. outbreak

MRSA in the workplace in 2020

Is COVID-19 a Covered Pollution Exposure? What to Look for in Your Policy Language

Disposal Issues: The pandemic is generating tons of medical waste

The BIG Idea for Business Interruption Coverage: What It Is and Isn’t

Are Boarded-Up Businesses Mold Hazards?

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