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Market Trends: Recycling Facilities

See the latest environmental news stories relating to recycling operations and facilities

The overall expansion of the recycling industry has been on a steady growth trend for several years now. Not only are traditional recycling centers continuing to see significant activity, segments of this market including metal, glass, and electronics recycling are also prompting new facilities to open across the country. Pollution problems at these centers are also on the rise, resulting in fires and air quality issues, soil contamination from fuel/chemical spills, and bodily injury among employees, just to name a few. Check out some news stories involving recycling facilities:

Chemical spill at North York recycling plant sends five workers to hospital

CarbonLITE to Build New PET Recycling Plant in Pennsylvania

The future of e-waste belongs to the recycler

Fuel in junk car causes large fire at East Side recycling center

Hazardous Waste Incident Sickens 26 at San Francisco Recycling Center

Spectro Alloys to invest $5.5M in aluminum recycling facility

Andover glass recycling facility will be largest in the world

Marin recycling center urges safe battery disposal

Elkhart residents get $50 million in recycling center air pollution case 

How does e-waste affect our groundwater?

8 critically hurt in chlorine leak at recycling plant

Dangerous level of air pollution recorded in north Minneapolis recycling facility

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