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Market Trends: Renewable & Alternative Energy

See the latest news on renewable energy and related pollution issues

The Renewable Energy field has grown exponentially over the last decade, with many companies installing alternative energy systems for financial reasons or to comply with environmental regulations. The acceptance of renewable sources of energy, along with tax incentives for these types of energy frameworks, has led to thousands of new firms now focused on this space. This presents an opportunity for insurance agents to help their clients understand the pollution exposures that may impact them, and secure coverage to address their environmental concerns. Check out some recent news stories relating to this evolving industry:

Clover Flat Landfill faces federal lawsuit over alleged stormwater pollution

Harnessing the Wind—Risk and Reward Issues with Renewable Energy

Sustainability in the EV industry through renewable energy sources

North of Chicago, a contaminated landfill will be reused for solar energy

Virginia debates impacts of solar panels on stormwater runoff

Owner, Builder of Solar Array Fined for Polluting Massachusetts Brook

Idaho Power to pay more than $1 million over unpermitted pollution at 15 hydroelectric dams 

Mitigating the impacts from stormwater runoff in solar construction

$20 million project will turn methane into renewable energy at Omaha wastewater plant 

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