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Team Spotlight

Team Spotlight: Tyler Moneymaker

Learn a little bit about Tyler Moneymaker, Beacon Hill’s Broker with the Northeast & Great Lakes Regions

Tyler and his girlfriend, Rachel

Please tell us about your family, interests, and hobbies.

I grew up in Scottsville, VA and I am an only child. Playing sports has always been a big part of my life, and I ended up playing football at Bridgewater College. I am a recent homeowner, now residing in Waynesboro, VA. I spend most of my time in the gym and travelling to play softball on the weekends. I am also an avid Dallas Cowboys fan.

What is your professional background and how it has led you to working in environmental insurance?

Most kids don’t pick to be an insurance broker at their 5th grade career day. After graduating college with a Biology Degree, my first job offer was to work as a medical scribe at a hospital. I was then offered an opportunity with a local insurance agency and decided to pursue this different career path out, of my comfort zone. I started off working in personal lines before moving to the environmental space. I have enjoyed working with the Beacon Hill team ever since.

What is the most important lesson you have learned in your career?

Much like in football, I have learned not to  let the last opportunity, or “play,” affect the next one. I try to learn from every success and failure and not to make the same mistake twice.

If you had to choose one word to describe the most important motivator to being a leader in your career, what would it be and why? What are you doing specifically at Beacon Hill to help you achieve this?

Persistence. I believe in doing whatever it takes to solve a problem. I often manage accounts with difficult challenges, so I try to look at them from many angles, consult with my team & our carrier partners, and utilize all the tools I have to find a solution. Being persistent has helped me to win accounts and the respect of the people I work with.

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